The Best Powerful Fighter Chicken Color

The Best Powerful Fighter Chicken Color – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here is an article that discusses the colors of the best fighting cocks in online chicken gambling.

The main catch of the fighting cock’s appearance is the color of the feathers. Rooster feather color is so diverse. There are some hobbyists who like to collect various colors, but some are fanatical about certain colors. Here are some names of chickens based on their coat pattern and color:


Unlike the wiring which has a black base color, the chicken has a basic color that is almost the same as the rawis, which is reddish yellow. If the coat color tends to golden yellow it is called GOLDEN WANGKAS and if the color is darker reddish it is called GENI WANGKAS.


The most popular and classy male Bangkok chicken feathers are the wiring color. This color scheme consists of a black base color with a reddish yellow neck and tail feathers. If the dominant color of rawis is golden yellow, it is called WIRING YELLOW.


Blorok color is the condition when the feathers of the chicken are dotted and are a collection of various colors. The simple blorok color usually only consists of a white base color with black spots with red bird’s eye color. But blorok color will be considered special if the basic color combination is complete, namely white, black, red and green with reddish white rawis. This color is called BLOROK HONEY. Best Chicken Color Betting Chicken.


The color of the klawu has a gray base color. If the rawis is dark or blackish gray it is called KLAWU KETHEK and if the rawis is reddish yellow it is called KLAWU GENI. Best Chicken Color Betting Chicken.


Jali color is a blirik color which is a mixture of several colors but in dots or small lines. This contrasts with blorok which tend patterned spots. It is rare that chicken in Bangkok has the color of jali. There are certain people who really hunt for real Bangkok with this color because of its rarity and exotic impression. Best Chicken Color Betting Chicken.


This color is black, along with the rawis. If the body skin, beak, eyes and scales are all black, it is called a CEMANI color. Bangkok chicken rarely has this color. This color usually occurs when there is a lineage that crosses the Cemani native chicken.…